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Trust in Relationship


Trust is like necessary water for a tree of relationship – without it two people can’t be comfortable in relationship with each other either for a long time or for the short one also. Most of the people in relationship have a doubt about whether to trust on his/ her partner or not. This issue in future makes a reason to be not together anymore. If you have a doubt in relationship that your partner is not in the act of placing confidence in someone or something else then drop the idea of being together because in future this decision can affect you a lot.

Trust is build slowly not too fast. There’s a part joined with trust is faith which operates with trust. As we observe our partner what he/she thinks and acts in a given situation, we develop a sense as to how they will think and act in future situations. It’s important that you have fully faith on your partner, having faith in your partner means you believe he/she will do right by you before they do it. This is considered as a good mean for trusting in relationship.

Be together relationship
Be together relationship

“Trust could be considered as a wall which takes time to build up and live    for a long time”.

Sometimes there is a breakdown in trust and the result most of time breaks the relationship. Those with trust issues often have a few associated patterns of thinking and acting that make all types of relationships difficult for them. Trust issues also come from the experience and interactions in the early phrases of the early phases of life, primarily childhood. A person who did not receive adequate nurturing, affection, and acceptance or who was abused, violated, or mistreated as a child will often find difficulty in establishing trust as an adult.

Complicated relationship
Complicated relationship

This situation also occur that people with low trust makes an idea to be together for a long time but this discussion affects them in the future. They take marriage very lightly and enters in the new world for being together, sharing together, spending together, earning together But they don’t know how much it hard to be together if you have a low faith on someone and low trust. This will build a fight between you and your partner if you started doubting on each other. There would be trouble in communicating, constantly question partner’s motives, and allow their feelings of mistrust to cloud their overall perceptions of their partner and their marriage. Furthermore, because they tend to be highly critical, they will look upon what their partners say and do with much less tolerance than would a trusting person.

Trust of relationship
Trust of relationship

How to build trust in relationship:-

  1.     Give your partner space:-
      Giving space in a relationship might be very good because it helps a lot,            partner would know giving space means you have fully trust on him/her. 

  2.     Do not judge your partner:-
      Anyone can't feel good if they got judged. Same is there in relationship
      your partner can't feel good about being judged because here meaning
          of judging is you have a doubt on your partner and it's not good for healthy

  3.     Clear your doubt- Don’t keep any doubt between you and your partner.
      This can affect your future.

  4.     Keep promises- When you make a promise make sure you stick to it.
       Don’t make promises just for the sake of keeping your partner happy
       because breaking the promise is one of the easiest way.

  5.     Always show your love:-
      If you show love and affection to your partner there is a chance that it
      would be helped to grow your relationship more better and stronger
      Know your partner’s tastes and hobbies. Show your genuine interest by
      being inquisitive, ask questions, and learn from them

Faith in relationship
Faith in relationship

What to do when the trust breaks:-

If you are the one who has betrayed, you must acknowledge your partner’s feelings and apologize for hurting them. That’s not all; you must take responsibility for what you have done, and make every effort to show your love and care for your partner.  If you are the betrayed, then understand your feelings. Do not deny or dismiss your hurt. The promise has to be real — one which you mean and intend to keep. Mould your behavior accordingly and show to your partner that you mean what you said.

Relationship hug
Relationship hug

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